Finder – Build Directory Based Business

Finder is actually a well-organized directory-based application template by using which anyone can make any type of directory listing application. In short, Finder is a direct... Read More

[FREE SAMPLE] Kandy – Lockscreen Mobile App

Feature list:
  1. Splash Page
  2. On-boarding
  3. Social Sign In
  4. Saved Kandy
  5. Settings
  6. Lockscreen features
  7. Personalized Local Ne... Read More

[FREE SAMPLE] How I Work – Blog based mobile App

Feature list:
  1. Article View
  2. Category Wise Article
  3. Article Details View
  4. Article Reading Customization
  5. Offline Support
  6. SettingsRead More

Foodviser – Online Food Delivery App [FREE SAMPLE]

Online food delivery is one of those things which is becoming easier day by day. Nowadays smartphones are super easy to use for this purpose! It can reme... Read More

[Free] Amra Dhaka – Sample App for Govt. & Citizen

Features list are belows:Splash ScreenLanguage SelectionLoginSign UpHomepageCategory of serviceService filteringService detailsMap with directionComplain homepageText based ... Read More

Audacity (Build your company app)

Start your company profile pro app with Audacity IT Solutions!

Company profile application is one of the best ... Read More

[Free PSD] Branding Material

Purpose of this branding material is to help other brand to design their branding material very easily and be more professional in the industry. In download item you will get PSD of below components:
  1. Visi... Read More