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At the very beginning of this blog portal, we wrote an article onWhy Mobile App Templates Are Important? to explain the necessity of mobile app templates and how it can make our life easier. In that article, we shared a story, Mr. Jacks’s story.

Mr. Jack was a photojournalist at first and but suddenly he left his job and started his own business. He did intensive research before started and did everything which was best for a new startup. But something was missing. He wasn’t getting the proper audience he expected. Then somehow he got to know about ‘Company App Profile’ and made one for his own company! He didn’t have to look back after that.

So, what would you do if we put you into his situation? Let’s assume that you need a company profile app for your new business but you don’t have the in-house development resources or any sort of development skills to develop one for you! What would you do then? Well, as you now know Mr. Jacks story, you will follow his steps, right? Alike him, you will buy a company profile application template! What if we help you on this? Our Audacity – Company App Profile is a perfect put into your solution. An easy question may arise in your mind, ‘Why Audacity?‘! Letus explain!

Why Audacity – Company Profile App Template?

‘Audacity – Company Profile App’, a company profile application full of unique features and useful sections which will help you to show the most core points of your beloved company. Using this application template you can proudly introduce the amazing backbone of your company, your employees or team members and your clients. Besides, in this template, you’ll have a testimonial section and a FAQ section by using which we believe you can get more closer to the audience. The most important and fun fact is, you can enjoy all of theses features without having any sort fo developing skills.

Key Features

In this application template, we added contact options on the sidebar which will directly take your audience in the dial caller menu with your number. We also included the easy email and website reach with social media sections to allow prospective clients to easily contact with you. This app template has some awesome sections to play with.

  • Overview – This section will carry the basic information about your company.
  • Portfolio – An awesome way to show your previous projects to your audience.
  • Team – You treat your team members like your family, right? Then, show the world how cool they are with this vibrant section.
  • Clients – Keep the record of your existing clients which will make you trustworthy for the future projects.
  • Testimonial – New Clients definitely would like to have some feedbacks!
  • Methodology – Stay transparent, show the methodology of your entire project management to the world.
  • Social – Let’s prove your company’s existence everywhere possible.
  • FAQ – Clients may have some questions in common! Do some research, find out the questions and answer them. They will love it for sure.

Besides our designing team worked too hard to pour this application with beauty! Still, this application we can assure you is one of the best responsive application. To make sure your company profile application is entirely user-friendly, we have made ours so, that you can experience the smooth parallax scrolling, clean coding using Android Studio, and highly responsive to both mobile and tabs. You can try our demo app from Google Play if you want.

Technical Features & Support

‘Audacity – Company Profile Application’ is a product of, a leading company which sales premium mobile application templates as a full and final product, so you will get the complete package if you buy this template. The templates include:

  • Android application
  • iOS application
  • Website
  • Admin panel
  • High-quality PSD and PNG files for further customization, and
  • Proper Documentation

Just not that, provides 24/7 after sales service also! And if you think, you need a specific product of this package, for example – just the android application or the iOS one, then you can also buy that by contacting our support team. So, with our flexible partial sales method, you will only have to only pay for what actually you are buying for!

Besides, we understand the hassle of the deployment process for any product. So we are here to help you. We would take the full responsibility to deploy your application in the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Our design team also made an awesome full product presentation which is available on Behance and Dribbble, which will give you a clear concept of how passionate and as well as serious we are regarding our designing.

So, what do you think you will do? Want a company profile app for your own company? Give Audacity a try! 

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