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Did you hear about Foodpanda or Grubhub? Yes, this two are the most popular online food ordering medium that helps foodies from all over the world to order and get food asap at their doorsteps just using their smartphones! This is a very good way or opportunity to work in between the restaurants & the foodies! In short, this is one of the easiest and smartest business models if planned perfectly!

If you are having entrepreneurs blood in your vein, running everywhere inside you then there is a good possibility that you already are thinking about this idea to kick start your own startup with! We appreciate your thinking if you are really up for it, and in this case, we can help you! How?

We have made an amazing mobile application template, Foodviser, using which you can easily make an online food ordering mobile application which will work similarly as Foodpanda. In some cases, it will work even better. How? Let us explain the reasons.

Why FoodViser

Foodies love to eat without fewer hassles. Calling a restaurant and ordering the desired meal can be such pain sometimes. You might get put on hold or, you often have to talk over the background noise of a busy restaurant. But, is that really necessary to experience this hassle while we are living in the 21st century! It’s the technology era, right? That is why applications or mediums such as foodpanda are getting so much popularity among the foodies.

Foodviser is basically an online food ordering application template which will help you to create your own online food ordering application with ease. Even, you won’t need any developer skills to customize this at all. Because this customization headache is all our ours!

There are so many online food ordering application available out there in different marketplaces. We tried to study on some of the best templates related to online food order and restaurants and came up with two articles. You can read those articles from the given links below.

So, while researching about this specific mobile app templates, we had a chance to filter some of Foodviser’s awesome unique feature with other templates! And now, after comparing we know that it has some unique unbeatable features with which it can lead this category easily! Features like GPS tracking, unique filtering, reviews, personal accounts with such benefits are the features that lack in some of those templates we studied.

Besides, using this template you will able to experience the minimalistic but eye-catchy design with a very fast responsive user interface.

Key Features

‘Foodviser’ uses GPS data to locate your location first, it helps the application to make a list of good restaurants around you depending on your location. After that, you can select any restaurants from the generated list and order their available food items easily. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure about the food, total costing or anything else because Foodviser will show you the total bill and the approximate time to deliver the food items before you confirm your order!

Foodviser lets you create a profile so that you can save your favorite restaurants and orders for quick access the next time around. Awesome, right?

Foodviser features a unique ‘filter’ feature, using which you can find restaurants or food by rating or price. Foodviser also features awesome pictures with every food items which will help you to taste new food items easily. Besides, you can provide your own review of food items you tasted before which will definitely help another person to order wisely for sure. I found this feature very very robust. We added this robust feature to make it trustworthy!

Technical Features & Support

Foodviser is a product of, a leading company which sales premium mobile application templates as a full and final product, so you will get the complete package if you buy this template. The templates include:

  • Android application
  • iOS application
  • Website
  • Admin panel
  • High-quality PSD and PNG files for further customization, and
  • Proper Documentation

Just not that, provides 24/7 after sales service also! And if you think, you need a specific product of this package, for example – just the android application or the iOS one, then you can also buy that by contacting our support team. So, with our flexible partial sales method, you will only have to only pay for what actually you are buying for!

Besides, we understand the hassle of the deployment process for any product. So we are here to help you. We would take the full responsibility to deploy your application in the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Our design team also made an awesome full product presentation which is available on Behance and Dribbble, which will give you a clear concept of how passionate and as well as serious we are regarding our designing.

So, what do you think you will do? Still carrying that thought of doing something as foodpanda, or you want to beat it? If yes, give Foodviser a try at least. We won’t let you regret surely.


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