5 Best Mobile App Templates for Restaurants

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Mobile application templates are a great way to jumpstart your next development project! Besides, it is a very helpful and speedier process to learn from other people’s work too. But the most important fact is, mobile application template helps us to satisfy our clients sometimes. So, what if you have to build a restaurant related application for your next personal or professional project? Well, don’t worry. In this article, We are going to list down some of the awesome mobile app templates related restaurants or online food delivery system! If you are building an application and need help with this particular features, then you may find your answer in some of these templates.



Restaurant App Template
React Native

“Restaurant App Template” is a React Native mobile app template that works for both the Android and iOS operating systems. Anyone can make their brand new restaurant application using this template without having any sort of development skills. This app template features receive & accept offers, manage customized menu and push notifications.

The author used Google’s Firebase Realtime Database for managing this application and for this opportunity feature you can manage your menus without the need of republishing the app. Their codes are perfectly structured and designing sense is also pretty good. This is a fully functional app that you can even deploy this on Google Play and App Store on the same day.

They also provide a demo app that you can download and try from google play. You can also try their powerful firebase admin panel using the login information given below.

Admin Panel – Check here!
Username – [email protected]
Pass – password


FoodViser is a mobile application template made by appify.xyz, available for both the Android and iOS platform with web application and admin panel support. Developers of this application made this template with some awesome unique features, yet this template is very responsive. Also, the UI of this template is so eye-catchy and clean.

‘Foodviser’ uses GPS data to locate your location first, it helps the application to make a list of good restaurants around you depending on your location. After that, you can select any restaurant from the generated list and order their available food items easily. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure about the food, total costing or anything else because Foodviser will show you the total bill and the approximate time to deliver the food items before you confirm your order!

What I like most about this application is it’s unique ‘filter’ feature, using which you can find restaurants or food by rating or price. Foodviser also features awesome pictures with every food items which will help you to taste new food items easily. Besides, you can provide your own review of food items you tasted before which will definitely help another person to order wisely for sure. I found this feature very very robust.

In short, this template provides all sort of services regarding ordering food from online! From finding restaurants nearby to select the best food and order – every step of ordering online food designed in this template is so simple and very user-friendly.

Restaurant App Template

Building mobile application for your own business or client can be such a hassle because it needs both money for hiring development resources and obviously time. But a template can actually minimize this hassle. “Restaurant App Template” is a titanium mobile application developed for restaurants, cafe lounge, recipes apps.

There will be an admin menu to configure the applications enter menu items and news items. Trust me, this admin panel configuration process is so easy and the whole application customization process requires no programming language at all and also comes with proper documentation.

This application template is available for both the Android and iOS platforms. They do provide a demo copy of their Android version which you can try by from here, but the iOS demo copy is still unavailable. But, you can try their admin panel if you want with the necessary login information given below.

Admin Panel – Check here!
Username – [email protected]
Pass – password


Food Delivery Mobile Application Template

Food Delivery Mobile Application Template is a native template for Android application to demonstrate your Restaurants, Cafe lounge, Hotel Menus, etc. With this template you don’t need to spend your time in UI designing perspective – Bluehorntech did that for you. Other than that, you will get almost all the general features a restaurant related application should have in it. You can try their demo app first, for the demo app from here and enjoy.

Your Restaurant App

Your Restaurant App is a mobile restaurant app which runs under Android platform that used for manages restaurant menus and reservations, also included with rich features such as images gallery, news, location, social, rtl supports, etc. An administrator can manage the reservation order, can add, edit or delete category menu, restaurant menu, gallery, news, settings tax and currency, etc. You can install their demo app from here for better understanding before buying it. Using this application you can save your money and time in creating an application for your restaurant app.

So, was this article helpful? And, did we miss any app template related to restaurant or food, that you think should be placed on our list? Please, let us know in the comment section below. 


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