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It used be the case that when someone was looking for an atm booth, a studio, a dentist or any other product or service, they would rely on word of mouth. But things are different now.

Potential users now head straight to the Internet to find a product or service, and appreciate much more if they have a mobile application to find out that specific information.  

Yes, directory based applications can be of such help sometimes, and today we will be reviewing ‘Finder’, a well organized templates we made for your next directory based mobile application project!


Finder is actually a well organized directory based application templates by using which anyone can make any type of directory listing application. In short, Finder is a directory based business solution application template.

We believed on what M. Cobanli once said, “Great design is the foundation of great business!’ So, we put a lots of efforts to present something unique, yet simple which will make our users satisfied!

Not just the design, but also with the modern code we used in finder will make your jaw open for sure.

Why Finder

As it is a directory based application template, many useful business directories can be organized by making a mobile application using this. For example, if the authority of a bank want to make a directory of their own atm booths available nearby, it will be really helpful for their clients. Same goes for other organizations too.

Yes, you may ask similar information’s are available on online maps too, and we do agree with your point. But, let’s think about the hassle of using online maps. It is full of information’s that will make the process harder of finding a specific information out of it. On the other hand, a mobile application holding only that specific information will make the process a lot more easier.

Who Are Our Users—Actually?

This template will be helpful for every kind of business minded people . Doesn’t matter if that person is running a huge company or just a small startup, they can make their own directory application using this template. Like as I already mentioned above, alike bank authorities, government can also make a directory with all the departments related to government, even you can make a directory for your own with the necessary information’s and so on.


Technically this templates is full of unique features! Among them our clients really appreciated it’s nice and simple user interface, calling system, filter facilities, voice search, google map integration and the search suggestion.

Finder is a product of, a leading company which sales premium mobile application templates as a full and final product, so you will get the complete package if you buy this template. The templates includes:

  • Android application
  • iOS application
  • Website
  • Admin panel
  • High quality PSD and PNG files for further customization, and
  • Proper Documentation

Just not that, provides 24/7 after sales service also! And if you think, you need a specific product of this package, for example – just the android application or the iOS one, then you can also buy that by contacting our support team. So, with our flexible partial sales method, you will only have to only pay for what actually you are buying for!

Besides, we understand the hassle of the deployment process for any product. So we are here to help you. We would take the full responsibility to deploy your application in the Google Play store and Apple Store.

Not convinced yet? Well, Before you buy this template, you can try the live web application, android app and the iOS app first. If you want to try our admin panel, please visit this demo website (url not correct) of finder with the given login information below,

Our design team also made an awesome full product presentation which is available on Behance and Dribbble, which will give you a clear concept on how passionate and as well as serious we are regarding our designing.

Our Clients

We like to work with ambitious start-ups as well as small and large sized businesses. There are so many company purchased our full product and started their business successfully. ‘Feel Destination’ is one of them. Besides, ‘IT Finder’ is another one we feel proud to share about.

So, if you are one of them in need of making a directory listing based application, give Finder a try!

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