Best Mobile App Templates For Your Company Profile!

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Company profile application is one of the best ways to display or describe a company to others. If you have a perfect company profile application for your company, it can easily attract and can also engage the number of audiences you always dreamed of, or even more. But, not everyone out there has the development skills or necessary resources to make an application! This is where mobile application templates come very handy.

Today we are going to share some information’s about four company profile application template that you can use to create one for your business! 

iCompany Profile App Template

iCompany Profile App Template is a native (java) template for Android application to demonstrate your company profile, service, contact and more. In this app you can add your about, portfolio, services, client etc of your company and also can integrate with your main website. Not only that you can add your contact with address, phone number, email address, your location in MapView and your social media network like facebook, twitter.

You have to pay $15 for its regular license and $75 for the extended ones. This template got more than 60 sales on codecanyon and has an average user rating of 3.67, out of 5.

Audacity – Company Profile

Audacity – Company Profile” is also a very good mobile template and deserves a space on today’s list! It is basically a complete mobile application template for your company profile! That means you can use this template to make both the android and iOS application. Using this application template you can easily highlight your company’s expertise by sharing its methodology and present your portfolio of projects, you can proudly introduce the amazing backbone of your company, your team members and the flesh – your customers.

This template also has a ‘testimonials’ section which can also play a vital role by sharing the views of your clients. Answer the most frequently asked queries in the FAQ section. Allow prospective clients to easily connect with you using the contact option on the sidebar, or follow you on social media.

They are ensuring to make your company profile application is entirely user-friendly with smooth parallax scrolling, clean coding using Android Studio, and highly responsive to both mobile and tabs.

This awesome company profile application template gained over 100 sales on codecanyon!


LaCompagnie is a beautifully designed and highly customizable native Android app template, perfect for introducing, marketing, and promoting your business profile, products and services, team, and any other information you want to make easily accessible to your clients or the general public. It also allows the users to easily – with just a single tap – contact you via email or phone, visit your company website, follow you on the social networks, and even show your company on the map. Whether you’re creating the app for your own company, or for your clients, be it a big multinational company, consultancy, lawyers, dentist, auto mechanic, or even a one-man startup, LaCompagnie is the perfect companion to boost your business, products and services image and recognition.

You have to buy this template from their official sites. There buying policy is also kind of different. They charge $0, $199 and $299 for their free account, Components membership and developer membership respectively.

Premium Company Profile App Template

Premium Company Profile App Template is basically for android application. Using this template you can easily make and promote your company profile, product, service, contact, about, vision, mission and much more.

Besides, this template is really cheap! You will only have to pay $12 for the regular license and $60 for the extended ones. This template got more than 35 sales on codecanyon and has an average user rating of 3.4, out of 5.

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